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  1. I was watching Double Binding Rag rug workshop 2015 video and a lady at 00:41 had a tool in her hand. I have that tool and was wondering what it is used for? It was handed down to me.


    1. Hi Nick, that tool is called a temple or stretcher. It is used to keep the woven fabric at a width that is consistent with the width of the warp in the reed. A metal temple like this one is commonly used for weaving rugs.

    1. Hi Donna, I am delighted that you are finding your way around. Thank you for letting me know what you found that has meaning!

      Welcome to my studio,

  2. I have a question. Do you teach classes in rag rug weaving as you do it? Would love to come and learn with you!
    Thank you,
    Lee Karrow

    1. Hi Lee, Thank you for asking! Where are you located? I’m not set up to teach in my weaving studio at this time. I’m going to be starting some more rag rugs soon! You can follow my progress on my blog and ask questions any time.

      All the best,

  3. I have been watching your videos on Vimeo and wanted to say thank you for makng them. They are very clear with great photography and a joy to watch.

    1. The bath towels are woven with 22/2 cottolin thread. I like the absorbency of towels made with cottolin, which is 60% cotton, 40% linen.


  4. Hi Karen,
    I loved your 2020 recap video! What a year of accomplishment and creativity! The beautiful music was a perfect accompaniment to the beautiful weavings. Thank you so much for generously sharing so much of your knowledge. I am looking forward to going through all your videos and the very helpful glossary you have created. Maybe I will take on the rosepath rug project this year! All the best to you and your family for the New Year!


    1. Hi Marianne, I appreciate your generous comments. I’m happy to have you along with me on this weaving journey!

      Have a hope-filled New Year!

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