Process Review: Butterfly Wing

Butterfly wing is flittering away. This butterfly study is complete. I still have warp on the loom, so cutting off has to wait. There are one or two more pictorial tapestry studies yet to come. Stay tuned! In the meantime, enjoy the visual review in the slideshow video at the end of this post.

Weaving a tapestry.
Windowed corner is a good place to weave a butterfly wing.
Making wool butterflies for tapestry.
Making butterflies of yarn for the butterfly wing pictorial tapestry. My yarn gets spread out in the process, always grouped by color value.

This study reinforces several important concepts for me.

Tapestry study.
Rolled the warp back a bit to be able to view the complete Butterfly Wing tapestry study.
  • Warp sett determines the amount of detail the cartoon can include.
  • Edges in the design are defined by using high contrast in color values.
  • Solid tapestry techniques, such as meet and separate, provide a good foundation for confident weaving.

Above all, take your time and enjoy the process, grateful for the opportunity.

May your studies be fruitful.