Wrap Up in a Handwoven Shawl

Next up on the big loom (GlimÄkra Standard): Alpaca and tencel blend yarn, golden brown, to be woven in lace and plain weave to make a shawl. Wear faith and love as a protection for your heart, as you would wrap yourself with a handwoven shawl for comfort and warmth. Be prepared for the cool days of autumn and winter.

Alpaca-tencel for a shawl to be woven in plain weave and lace weave.
Alpaca 65% Tencel 35%, approximately 2400 yards per pound. This very fine, lightweight yarn should be perfect for a lacy shawl.

I am thankful our creator has given us security in the shawl of faith and love he has woven for us.

May you stay warm and secure as the days get cool.

In faith,

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