You Are Being Watched

Here we are, already at the end of the warp. This run of towels was simple enough that I could concentrate on a few fundamentals while weaving. I have studied with three terrific weaving instructors– Leigh taught me to aim for excellence, but to not fear mistakes. Joanne taught me quality weaving through Swedish techniques. And Becky taught me to think about how and why things work. I will be in Becky’s class again soon, so this simple towel warp was perfect for practicing the basics again before I go. Each teacher taught me as much by example as by verbal instruction. Living by example, each of us are teachers in life lessons.

Cottolin hand towels in the making.
One of four hand towels on this cottolin warp. Navy 6/1 Tow Linen is used for border stripes in the weft.

I do look for opportunities to explain things that will help other people. Just as much, though, I aspire to teach simply by living in a way that is true to what I believe. What we say, how we behave, how we love, how we live our faith, how purity is exemplified in us–these may be more influential than instructions we try to give.

Very end of the warp. Squeezing out the last inch.
Weaving to the very end of the warp. Back tie-on bar is as far as it can come–touching the back of the heddles.

You have something to teach that the people near you need to learn. Let them learn from your example–it speaks louder than words.

Handwoven hand towels, ready to be washed and hemmed.
Fresh off the loom, the stiffness of these towels will relax with washing. The weave structure, M’s and O’s, will also become more defined after washing.

May your lessons continue as your students become teachers.

Your fellow student,

2 thoughts on “You Are Being Watched

  1. Dear Karen,
    Your message is so “right on” as they used to say. You are a great student because you do live your life according to your values and beliefs. Thanks also for thinking of me as a great weaving teacher. I learned a lot from you :). Much love and many blessings, Leigh

    1. Dear Leigh,
      I will always hold dear the learning times in your awesome weaving studio where you so patiently introduced me to the joy of learning to weave. Btw, you’re the one who told me you can weave to the very end of the warp on a Glimakra; and you’re the one who got me interested in M’s and O’s. But the best part of all is the friendship we share!

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