Do You Think about Weaving?

Nothing beats a new delivery of weaving supplies! Paper plans become active when tubes of thread arrive. First, the Julia is getting dressed, using plans I have written out for placemats. For the Ideal, I’m thinking of a new pictorial tapestry, with a rosepath draft I’ve prepared for that. The imagined tapestry will move forward after I finish the double-binding rag rugs that are on that loom now. Another draft I’m working on is for the next drawloom project. I’m doing the math for napkins in a six-shaft satin variation with three-shaft twill. There’s a lot of thinking going on around here.

Opening a box of weaving supplies is always exciting! Warp thread, weft thread, more 6″ quills, and one more set of 4-shaft shaft holders and pins.
Linen for weft. There is always room for a few more tubes of linen.
Warp chains of 22/2 cottolin are placed through the beater. I have added enough shafts and upper and lower lamms to have eight of each. Just about ready to beam the warp. Reed leaning against the wall will be used for spreading the warp, so it doesn’t matter that it is a bit long for this little Julia loom.

Ideas come and go. But if I can put ideas on paper there’s a good chance they will become something. Everything begins with plans on paper.

May you have an idea of what comes next.

Happy planning,

4 thoughts on “Do You Think about Weaving?

    1. Hi Beth, It’s always a bit of an unfolding mystery to see how the colors will behave with each other when woven. It’s very exciting!


  1. I love planning! The potential of turning something into something else. The fresh colors. The possibilities.

    It is the beginning of a journey that ends with the finished project…. or over time is worked into another.

    It is a guide or perhaps a foundation to build upon.

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