Ski Shuttles – Glide with Ease

Ski shuttles are a rag-rug weaver’s best friends. A few simple tips for using a ski shuttle make rag-rug weaving even that much more fun.

Ski shuttles are fun tools to use for weaving rag rugs.
In the video I explain why I don’t use the longer ski shuttle very much.

In the video below I tell you why I prefer Glimåkra ski shuttles, and how I wind the weft fabric on my shuttle. And I share two quick tips to make weaving with a ski shuttle a bit more manageable. If you are an experienced rag-rug weaver you probably already know these things. Watch to the end to see a short demo, plus a little blooper. Enjoy!

Ski shuttles by Glimåkra are just right for me. They fit nicely in my hands, have a low profile that slides easily through the shed, and are artistic in design.

May you know your tools.

Happy Weaving,

6 thoughts on “Ski Shuttles – Glide with Ease

  1. Thanks for sharing, Karen. Your cotton has so much more body than mine! Is this quilting cotton? Do you know the weight. I’ve been using up old sheets which is admittedly thinner, but if I were to actually buy fabric for rugs like you do, what weight should it be?

    Also, I notice that you beat once as you change sheds then you are beating twice, harder, with the new shed open. I’ll have to try that!

    I too, like the Glimakra ski shuttles, although I also occasionally use their double ski shuttle as well.
    Thanks for the demo!

    1. Hi Mary, Most of my fabric is new quilting cotton, and some of it is dressmaker fabrics. I don’t buy cheap fabric at big-box stores because of the low quality. To save money, I watch for sales and fabric on clearance, but always look for quality. I don’t know the weights of the fabric I have, but I do favor fabrics with some body. It’s a guess and learn process.

      You’re correct about my beating sequence. Somewhere along the line I decided that this method gives me the tightness I like in a rag rug.
      The only time I’ve used the double ski shuttle was in class at Vavstuga. It was nice in the hand and easily glides through the shed. I think the single ski shuttle is a little easier to wind, so that’s what I like to use. I think for string yarn I might prefer the double ski shuttle. I will have to look into that. Thanks!

      Happy weaving,

  2. Hi Karen,

    I’ve only used the ski shuttle for hems because the rag shuttle carries so much more filler. I don’t like stopping to refill the shuttle once I get going.

    I will definitely have to try weaving rag rugs with the ski shuttle.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Nannette, My weft strips are about 5 yards long, so I don’t need a shuttle that holds much more than that. I do like to keep my warp very tight. I’m not sure I can get a regular rug shuttle to squeeze through easy enough.

      Happy weaving,

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