Grand Canyon Weaver

I like to come prepared when we travel. Prepared to weave, that is. Our recent camping trip to Grand Canyon National Park, North Rim is no exception. Relaxing after a full morning of hiking? That’s tapestry time. Rainy day? No problem. Time to pull out my small tapestry frame and do some tapestry weaving.

Sitting on a log to do a quick sketch. Widforss Trail on a Sunday morning was a wonderful way to worship our Creator.
Ponderosa Pines fill the North Rim Campground. It is refreshing to sit there for some relaxed tapestry weaving. Weaving from the back, meaning the face of the tapestry is facing away from me.
Weaving outside in the cool afternoon.

To view the incomparable expanse of the Grand Canyon leaves me in awe. It’s as if the glory of our Creator is on full display. Oh, the colors, textures, and breathtaking drama!

Sunset brings a hush over the vast Grand Canyon. Vibrant colors, phenomenal textures, in an unfolding dramatic ending–this is the language of a weaver.
Weaving inside the Casita Travel Trailer until the skies clear up. Messy back of tapestry because I’m not trimming any more than necessary – fewer scraps to keep track of.

Our hearts turn to recognize God’s authority when we view the wonders of his creation. And, in the awe of it all, we pause to consider the vastness of his personal love, such that the Grand Weaver grants us the pleasure of creating something small with colored bits of yarn. Oh, the wonder of it all!

Pondering the deep questions of life.
There is still work to be done. This (second) Rain Girl is not in a hurry. She is ready for me anytime I decide to add more colored bits of yarn.

May you come prepared.

With wonder,

14 thoughts on “Grand Canyon Weaver

  1. Karen, You put into words what my spirit and heart have always known. Living in the Great Lakes states and watching the clouds, land and water the textures heal the heart as does the weaving. May your words and weaving continue to help and heal all those who follow. May the Master continue to influence your Way.

    1. Hi Rachel, It’s a blessing to meet on common ground, under the watchful care of our majestic Creator.

      Thank you for your encouraging words,

  2. Beautiful…
    This morning I drove down to SE Wisconsin. Low fluffy clouds. Pure autumn blue above. The trees starting to go russet and cranberry.

    God has indeed given us his best work.

  3. We have been camping too, so not only can I relate to your camping journey, but I so love your tapestries. I will be teaching beginning tapestry on a frame loom for our guild in October and I hope that I will be starting another dozen or so new tapestry weavers.

  4. I loved seeing these beautiful pictures!

    I have a questions about draw loom weaving. I’d like to know what book(s) or videos you would recommend for me to start learning how to set up the loom for drawloom weaving, and also how to set up patterns and weave them on the drawloom. I’d like to attend a class in person, but can’t right now. So I’m hoping I can still learn from books or videos. I don’t have a draw loom yet, but might get one in the future.
    My loom is the Glimakra Ideal 39” horizontal countermarche.

    1. Hi Lynette, The book I like to refer to for everything drawloom is “Drawloom Weaving,” by Joanne Hall. She gives you everything you need to get started.

      All the best,

  5. Your photos and beautiful words bring to mind our camping vacation on the North Rim with three children in a tent. Those little ones now have little ones and not so little ones. God’s creation is still around us.

    God bless.

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