Weaving La Perlita

One reason I am making friends with this large Freja tapestry frame is Steve’s quickly advancing retirement date. The day after his final work day we are picking up La Perlita, our new Casita travel trailer. We are looking forward to some fun times. Steve will have his carving knives for whittling. And I’ll have my loom. And yarn. What more could we ask for?

Making a tapestry cartoon.
For the cartoon, I enlarged the picture from the Casita brochure, and then drew my own background around it.
Tapestry of our new Casita - "La Perlita."
Home again, after staying with and playing with my young grandsons. The weaving represents a week’s worth of naps.
Tapestry of our new Casita travel trailer!
Using technique similar to the four-shaft tapestry on my Glimakra Ideal loom. This gives me a chance to add more depth and texture to the tapestry image. With this technique, some warp does show.

May you have something to look forward to.

Happy weaving,

11 thoughts on “Weaving La Perlita

  1. Hi Karen
    Looks like you have many adventures ahead. What fun!
    I’m looking forward to seeing how this tapestry turns out. Is the lizard one completed? Are you familiar with the tapestry artist Helena Hernmarck? She has done some incredible work and she works on a Glimakra loom.

    1. Hi Betsy, I don’t know how this tapestry will turn out, but it sure is fun to weave!
      The lizard is still on the loom. I might possibly complete it this week…maybe? And then I have a bit more warp on the loom for a little more play before cutting off.
      Helena Hernmarck is one of my tapestry heroes. I like to study the photographs of her work in a book that I have. She is currently having an exhibition at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Connecticut. I’m toying with the idea of going… http://aldrichart.org/article/weaving-in-progress

      Happy weaving,

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