When Things Don’t Make Sense

I may not be a math or science expert, but I’m pretty smart, and can figure most things out. If I get stumped, I keep trying until I find the answer — usually.

handwoven rosepath band
For this turned Rosepath design, threads are sleyed unevenly through the 15-dent-per-inch reed, meaning the number of threads per dent varies across the width of the band.

I tried, but just could not understand the instructions for sleying the reed for this Rosepath Band. I did my best, but the start of the weaving revealed I didn’t get it right. When I examined the threads that were bunching up, I saw my error. Aha! The once confusing instructions now made perfect sense! In life, when we don’t understand the instructions, or can’t make sense of why things happen, our impulse is to question the instruction-giver.

I removed those first few inches of weaving, untied, re-sleyed correctly, re-tied, and then began weaving again. Beautiful! Once I got a fresh perspective of the instructions, everything fell into place. We have the false notion that the instruction-giver for the universe is like us, when he’s so much greater. His instructions are written with love, through a perspective that’s far above our humanity. And the results are beautiful!

May you enjoy instructions that make perfect sense — most of the time.

Still learning,