Weave a Distinct Cutting Line

Four down, eight to go. It doesn’t take long to weave a placemat.

End of third placemat. Block pattern extends into the hem area.

I weave a two-pick stripe between placemats. The stripe is always in the red or orange family of colors (unless the item being woven is red or orange). The red stripe is my cutting line, and two picks helps me cut on the straight and narrow. I once got confused about where to separate two towels that I had woven, and I cut in the wrong place. Yikes! That’s when I instituted the red thread rule.

Orange linen thread is used for the cutting line. Two picks make a clear path for cutting placemats apart after all the placemats are off the loom.
Ending the fourth placemat. Eight placemats to go!

Our lifetime has a distinct red thread rule. A true beginning and end. Life is brief. It doesn’t take long to weave a placemat. But while it’s on the loom, it has the weaver’s full attention. And so also, the Grand Weaver is attentive to all the threads of your life.

May you pay attention to the cutting lines.

Happy Weaving,

9 thoughts on “Weave a Distinct Cutting Line

  1. I agree that creating cutting lines is good practice. I also do two picks in a highly contrasting color. Your placemats are beautiful!

    1. Hi Beth, I’m not surprised that you have a good practice of creating cutting lines. It’s nice to have these simple practices that make weaving easier, isn’t it?

      Thanks so much,

  2. Yet again…beauty from your loom. Indeed my precious girl…Job 7:6 “My days are as swift as a weaver’s shuttle…”…and…how swiftly they do go by…

  3. And again, such a beautiful pattern and color design you have created. Karen, you are a master of this. I have enjoyed all of your patterns and your rich use of color.

    1. Hi Joanne, Like you, I find so much enjoyment in creating designs and exploring the vast world of color. I appreciate your encouragement very much!


  4. Blue and green woven side by side. How pretty.
    My cell phone is not making connections strong enough to open links… It must be snow on the cell tower. We live on the very edge of a cell phone boundary. It is recognized. I wish it were are obvious as your red pics. (For today, Starlink is our go-to.)
    Happy March!!

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