Neon Green Measuring Ribbon

Halfway there. Okay, is that good news (wow, already halfway there…) or discouraging news (ugh, only halfway there…)? ¬†Where we are on the journey is important, but what matters even more is our outlook along the way.

Ribbon measures advancing warp
Measuring ribbon is pinned into place and re-pinned each time warp is advanced.

I like to mark the mid point on my measuring ribbon. The ribbon for this piece measures 72 inches, so I’m halfway at this mark. (As you can see, I’m not into boring white ribbons.) I don’t stop at the mid point, though, it’s just a marker along the way. Is there a good way to measure how far we’ve come in personal growth in our lives?

How am I doing with forgiveness? That may seem an odd ribbon to measure with, but it’s an outlook that can shape the way we live. Forgiveness means being quick to let people have do-overs. Remember when so-and-so wronged you? Forgiveness means you don’t stay in the remembering. You keep going, keep weaving, and stay on track to finish your journey well. Forgiveness is your choice.

May you find clouds disappear as you forgive someone today.