Knot Happy?

A few knots tossed aside unwittingly ended up as a sad face.

knot happy face
This wasn’t intentional, really. It just happened.

Some days are like that. Life can be like that.

When I look closely, I see the intimate way the creator’s love is in the details. If I stand back for a broader perspective, I can see the majesty of his overall plan.

Surprisingly, with a new perspective, we can see a simple way to turn things around.

happy face with knots

Have a smiling kind of day,

4 thoughts on “Knot Happy?

  1. What a cute and simple way to illustrate how little it may take to turn things around.

    You little “knot face” will be a friendly little reminder. Thank you!

    1. It was an “aha” moment when I thought of turning around the little threads to make a smile. It’s surprising how much a smile can do!

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