Look Behind the Knee Beam

As the cloth cascades over the knee beam, let’s take a sneak peek at the other side. Crouching below the warp behind the shafts, we see the mechanics of weaving. When I sit on my loom bench at the front of the loom, throwing the shuttle, it feels like magic. Thread by thread, fabric just appears. Under the loom you can see it is not magic. It is heddles on shafts, shafts connected to lamms, lamms tied to treadles. It is a system that works behind the scenes while you sit in front and weave. Sometimes we put our trust in what we see out front, neglecting to consider what goes on behind the scenes.

Cotton handtowels on the loom. View from back of loom under the warp.
Red cutting line between towels is seen just to the left of the upper lamms. There are no floats on this back side of the cloth, though the front has warp floats as part of the pattern.
Cut ends of the heddles are in focus, viewed from back of loom under the warp.
Cut ends of the heddles are in focus. The heddles, carrying warp threads, hang on shafts that are just above the camera view.

When I finish a weaving project, I untie and disconnect everything so the loom is ready for the next project. The warp has a purpose while it is on the loom, but when it’s over, it’s over.

Beware of putting your trust in human heroes. Keep in mind that your human heroe’s plans will last only as long as their life. When it’s over, it’s over. Do not put your trust in a person, a leader, a superstar, a human hero, to save the world. Put your trust in the grand weaver who holds the system in his hands.

May you encounter trust-worthiness.

(To see the warp floats on the front of the cloth, click HERE.)

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