Nine Color Towel

It may look like there is no rhyme or reason, but there is a thoughtful pattern behind this arrangement of weft colors. …Okay, it is somewhat random; and, truthfully, I am makingĀ up the pattern as I go. It is refreshing to have the freedom to use up bobbins of color. I consider it a welcome challenge to create a visually vibrant fabric that is not a cluttered cloth.

Nine quills of 16/2 cotton. Colorful towel up next.
Nine quills of 16/2 cotton. Trying out different arrangements of colors.

Our prayers can be like the assorted quills with varying amounts of thread in an array of colors. These are the needs, small and big, that we bring to the Lord. Can he make anything good out of all of this? What can he do about my concerns? Does he even hear me? Do my needs or hopes make a difference to Him? Am I saying my prayers in the “right” way?

Nine-color towel on the loom. Karen Isenhower
Wide, narrow, dark, light. Nine colors are purposefully arranged in this cotton towel. Treadling variations help complete the multi-color composition.

It takes courage to have faith when you pray. In a world where “seeing is believing,” the eye of faith says, “believing is seeing.” Faith is expecting something to happen when you pray. It’s trusting the grand weaver to know how to arrange this assortment of leftover threads and make something good out of it.

May you take courage.

With you,

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10 thoughts on “Nine Color Towel

  1. “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet not one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Ecclesiastes 3:11

  2. Thank you, friends! Your kind remarks are such an encouragement to me. That these words hold meaning for you today is in itself an answer to one of my prayers.

    Barbara, that quote fits perfectly! Wow.

  3. Thank you SO much for the 9 color towels saga. I am anticipating the delivery of a sectional warp beam soon, and the first thing I want to make is what I call “Money type towels”, those being of bright colors. Your blog is totally delightful reading! Peace! Charline in Bryan

    1. Hi Charline,

      How exciting to add a sectional warp beam to your loom!
      I wondered what “Money type towels” are — glad you clarified. Yes, Monet towels would be lovely.

      Happy Weaving,

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