No Crossed Threads Here

Properly dressing the loom means no thread out of place, no crossed threads, no missed threads. Every linen end is threaded through a heddle on one of four shafts, following a draft for dice weave (pattern weft on a plain weave background). I insert each thread one by one in a specific order. My fingers are the only tools I use for this task, and I love touching and directing every single thread.

Dressing the loom with linen.
Pattern repeat has twenty-four ends, repeated across the warp.

Someone great is looking after you. Our Father in heaven knows what is going on in your life, details and all. He knows the placement of every single thread in your personality. He knows the ins and outs of our needs, hurts, and desires. Father knows what we need before we ask. And yet, he invites us to ask. That’s a good invitation.

May you feel cared for.

Happy Threading,

4 thoughts on “No Crossed Threads Here

  1. Once again, you’ve written a post that was meant JUST for me today!
    If you should ever get discouraged in your blog writing, please remember that the Lord is using you greatly to encourage your readers!
    Thank you SO much, and may the Lord continually bless you in this ministry–because it truly IS a ministry!!

    1. I appreciate that so much, Suzie! Sometimes I do get discouraged, but I’m certain this is what I’m supposed to be doing, so I keep writing. It helps me to know the Lord uses it to touch you.
      Love, Karen

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