Tell Me When You Reach Halfway

The “MID” marking helps me to make a slight adjustment on this towel so that the second half comes out the same as the first half. I like knowing when I am at the halfway point of a piece because it tells me how close I am to completion.

Cotton goose-eye towel at the halfway point on the loom.
By moving the MID point of the measuring ribbon to the center of the brown stripe, the second half of the towel will be symmetrically aligned with the first half.

The midway point is a chance to evaluate and make sure everything lines up. If you could see the midway point in your life, or look back and see that you have passed “MID,” would you live the remainder differently? What adjustments would you make, large or small?

If only we could know when we are on the downhill side of life… But we don’t get a “halfway notice” on life, do we?

God made us. We did not make ourselves. Do you know a towel that wove itself? I don’t. The good news is that the one who made us wants to complete us. He knows all the necessary marks along the way, and nudges us when adjustments are needed. It is good to know we have a Grand Weaver who cares even more about our completion than we do.

May you see where to make adjustments.

Being Woven,

2 thoughts on “Tell Me When You Reach Halfway

  1. Beautiful towel and beautiful writing. I found your blog this month and have been enjoying seeing projects and reading the accompanying entries.

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