Change Things Up

Imagine the possibilities! Everything can change before your eyes when you are weaving. Put a different weft in the shuttle and the cloth takes on a new look. The warp becomes the canvas that the weft paints with color. The brown and gold in this warp influence the color outcome, but this twill structure favors the weft color. For someone who enjoys variety, I love how easy it is to create variations on one long warp.

Red weft transforms the brown warp into a deep, rich red color.
Narrow black stripes for the border of this red towel. The red weft transforms the brown warp into a deep, rich red color.

Most things are not that easy to change. Take people, for instance. Sure, I can make myself look good when I want to, changing my hair or clothing styles, and even saying nice things. But changing my attitude or perspective on the inside is another story. And forget about trying to change someone else. We all know that doesn’t work.

At times, I am so set in my ways it seems impossible to change. And trying harder just works for a short time. Only God can change a human heart. God makes things possible. He takes a simple warp, like yours and mine, and covers it with color, giving a fresh start whenever we need it.

May you find possible change.

With you,

2 thoughts on “Change Things Up

  1. I love your analogy how only God can change our hearts. He is also a master weaver. He changes our ‘dull’ browns to something rich and beautiful as your red…amazing how the colors change.

    1. That’s a great thought, Mary, that God takes our dull colors and turns them into something stunning.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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