Quiet Friday: Going through Phases

You will not often find a bare loom here. But every loom has its phases. The “Big Loom” (Glimåkra Standard 120cm) is in the empty phase right now. I finished weaving the coarse linen twill with rya knots. Now, I wait for the 16/2 linen that I ordered for the next project. Big Loom, don’t worry; you’ll be dressed again soon.

Rya weaving just completed.
Rya pieces ready to make into interesting shaggy pillows.
Glimakra Standard Countermarch Loom 120 cm
Affectionately known as “The Big Loom.” Seldom seen undressed. Glimåkra Standard Countermarch Loom 120cm / 47 inches weaving width.


The “Baby Loom” (Glimåkra Ideal 100cm) is in the weaving phase. It has plenty of warp on it, so I am still happily throwing a shuttle. I should get two more towels from this warp.

Red and brown goose-eye towel on the loom.
Color stripes of brown and gold break up the red in this towel on the goose-eye warp.


I want to start weaving a band to match the towels on the “Baby Loom,” for the towels’ hanging tabs. That means I need to put more attention on finishing up the current warp on the Band Loom (Glimåkra two-treadle), so I can start the new warp. This is the hurry-up-and-finish phase.

Two-treadle Glimakra band loom in use.
Band loom is situated for weaving in short bursts. I often stop and weave for a few minutes on the way to the “Big Loom” or the “Baby Loom.” Three sisters look on from the stairway wall. (One of those girls is a younger me. Can you guess which one?)

May you make the most of the phase you are in.

Happy Weaving,

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8 thoughts on “Quiet Friday: Going through Phases

    1. Hi Deb, I have an aluminum beam protector for both beams, but sometimes I remove one (for instance, for taking a picture), and forget to put it back on. Thanks for the reminder! I see I forgot to put it back on the back beam. I like to have it on there especially during beaming, when the cords are going over the beam, and at the end of the weaving, again when the cords are going over the beam.


  1. Hi Karen, I am trying to find somewhere that will allow me to download instructions on how to build a loom. I want a building project as I am about to retire from work. A large loom is what I am looking for, but I can’t find ANY out there. Do you have such a thing here, I can’t find any ?

    1. Hi Ian, I wish I could help you with this, but I’m sorry, I’m not aware of a source for instructions to build a loom. I don’t have anything like that here.

      All the best,

  2. Dear Karen,

    I’ve been given an GLIMÅKRA STANDARD – COUNTERBALANCE LOOM. I’ve done weaving on other types of looms but I’m not familiar with this one. It is dismantled and the person who gave it to me no longer has a manual to put it back together. Do you still have the assembly instruction of the loom?
    Thanks you a lot!


    1. Hi Louisa, Congratulations on your new loom. It is very easy to put together. You can find assembly instructions on GlimakraUSA.com under “Resources,” as well other helpful information.

      Happy weaving,

  3. Hej, jag köpte en svensk Glimacra triovävstol, men jag kan verkligen inte knyta en pamina lamm. Kan du föreslå lite litteratur där jag kan få kunskap. Tack. Ledsen för mitt svenska språk

    1. Hi, The book that will help you is “Stora Vävboken,” by Laila Lundell. Also in English, “The Big Book of Weaving.”


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