What Difference Does the Weft Color Make?

Does the weft color influence the cloth as it intersects the warp threads? Of course! The distinctive textural quality of this 3-shaft twill with warp floats is enhanced by the colors. In this case, the weft follows the same arrangement as the colors across the warp, making an interesting plaid. What does your influence look like?

3-shaft twill with weft floats. Hand towels. Karen Isenhower
Weft colors coincide with warp colors to create a plaid design. The pattern in the weave structure appears to change according to the weft colors and the angle of view.

Before weaving, the untouched warp colors look well-defined and clean. Introducing the weft, however, changes everything. How can you predict how the weft colors will interact with the warp? Hold tubes of thread next to each other, or wrap different colors on an index card, or even combine threads by twisting them together in your hand. Yet, when the threads become enmeshed in woven cloth, as weft interlaces warp, a new color is revealed.

You and I have strategic influence. How we choose to use that influence makes a difference. As you intersect with people, you bring a unique thread into the picture. The results may be surprising at times, not what others expect. But you are the only you. You have a creator-given purpose. Let your influence make a positive difference. Who knows whether you have not come to these present circumstances for such a time as this?

May you be an influence for good.

(To follow the color planning and sampling for these towels, click HERE and HERE.)

You are loved,

2 thoughts on “What Difference Does the Weft Color Make?

  1. Your message resonates, especially after a tough week. Thank you for this.. And the towels? The colors, texture and pattern are just lovely. One of these days I’ll get my towels hemmed and put them into service!

  2. Oh Laurie, I hope your next week will be better. If there is any way this little message helped lift you up, I’m glad!

    The nice thing about weaving towels is they are so functional. You can dry your hands on beautiful threads. I like that. Yes, hem those towels. I’d love to see them. If you email a picture to me, I can post it. karen (at) warpedforgood (dot) com.

    All the best,

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