Sun Rising

The little village is waking up. Sun rising. This small tapestry is near completion, and I am happy with the things I have learned in the process. Now, I am preparing a cartoon and gathering an array of Fåro wool colors for the next small tapestry. I may be jumping in over my head with this next one, but I will learn new things to practice.

Sun Rising. Small tapestry project on Freja loom.
Little woven village at the start of a new day. Sky is developed with hatching. Small ojos form three birds in the sky. Freja Tapestry Frame.

In my tea and tapestry time (tapestry diary) in the evenings, my intention is to improve my tapestry skills by practicing the little that I know. The concept is to learn by doing. Find what works, and do it more. For example, in the class I recently attended at Weaving Southwest, Teresa Loveless worked with me on the hatching technique. When I came home to this little tapestry village, I wanted to implement that new understanding right away. The sunrise sky, created with hatching, came as a result of Teresa’s coaching and my desire to learn by doing.

Isn’t that how we navigate through life? Take what you know about how to live, and how to please God. And then do it more. Learn by doing. Every new insight builds, not on what we know, but on what we have put into practice.

May you enter a sunrise season of life.

With pleasant anticipation,

6 thoughts on “Sun Rising

  1. I love your tapestry!!! I also adhere to the concept of learning by doing. I was recently asked by a guild member to translate a rigid heddle draft into multi harness. Have I done this before? No! But learning something new as I am doing it is a thrill for me.

    1. Nancy,
      That sounds like an ambitious project! Good for you for reaching out to new horizons, and learning something new as you go!


  2. Karen! I am also a learn-by-doing person! For example — thank you for your encouragement when I reached out to you a few months ago and shared my intention to make some rosepath rag rugs! I enjoyed the process and the results were a great inspiration to try even more new things!

    1. Way to go, Beth! It is so rewarding to learn new things. It’s wonderful that you ventured ahead with the rosepath rag rugs. Can you send me a picture? I would love to see what you made! OH I just remembered… You DID send me pictures! They were great!

      Happy Weaving,

  3. what a giggle! I love the birds. the tapistery is great. Learn it, do it, teach it. that’s what makes life fun. now your ready for prespective houses, shading, and changing pictures into a woven masterpiece. along with your tea and weaving remember to LAUGH after all it’s only thread and can be changed if needed. Love,Peace and Joy. linda

    1. Hi Linda, I’m glad you like the birds! It was fun to add them in the picture. I am planning my next small tapestry to be a landscape scene. Little by little making progress.
      Thanks for your encouragement.

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