Quiet Friday: Little Tapestry Diary

Do you want to develop a good habit? Do that good thing every day for a month, …or so they say. It may be true, because I think my tapestry dabbling is turning into a habit. It seems perfectly natural, now, to end my day enjoying some peace and quiet with my little tapestry frame and a cup of tea. For the month of January, I completed a rectangular or square shape each day. February has no rectangles, only triangles and shapes with slanted sides. January 2015 is finished, and February is almost over. A tapestry dabbling diary is a simple way to mark the passage of time while letting ideas and images escape to become visible.

Some of the photos include Steve’s amazing woodcarving handiwork. And be sure to check out the video at the end showing how I create a finished edging for this little January tapestry diary.

Preparing warp for tapestry diary on a frame loom.
Empty warp ready for January 1st. Blank slate for collecting ideas. (This is the Freja Tapestry Frame by GlimÄkra, lap size. Following pictures show the two magnets Steve added for holding my tapestry needle.)

Tapestry woven from the back.

Tapestry diary progress.

Tapestry diary for January is ending. More pics.

January tapestry diary. Pics and video.

Woodcarving and tapestry. The Isenhower's.
Amos is heading somewhere, and will not be deterred.
Woodcarving and weaving. The Isenhower's.
It is possible to be so focused on where you are going that you do not even see the “masterpiece” in the room?

Woodcarving and tapestry.

Hand-carved marionette and tapestry. The Isenhower's.

January tapestry diary off the loom. Karen Isenhower

May you measure time with the good habits you develop.

Happy Tapestry Weaving,

4 thoughts on “Quiet Friday: Little Tapestry Diary

  1. the tapestries are verry nice, but what do you use them for? Are they wall art, mug rugs, framed and put on tables? linda

    1. Linda, What do I use them for? Thank you for asking. That’s an excellent question. In fact, that may be a key to why I only dabble in tapestry. I really like making things that are useful, not just decorative.
      So far, they are practice pieces… I hope to continue these monthly little tapestries and somehow mount them (or some of them) in groupings for a wall display. I haven’t figured that part out yet.
      – Karen

  2. Did your husband carve Amos? He is fantastic! The tapestry is a nice piece too. I like your color palette.

    1. Betsy,
      Yes, my husband did that carving of Amos. I like the way he painted the figure, too, as well as the carving. Yep, Steve is pretty good at this.
      I’m glad you like the tapestry color palette. I really enjoy choosing the colors for something like this.


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