Quiet Friday: Wool Blanket Finishing

As wonderful as it is to weave two wool double width¬†blankets, the truth is, they are not finished until they are finished. The thrill of completion comes when you finally sew your “Handwoven by” label on the woven accomplishment. But, for me, just as great is the joy of sharing what I made, and how I made it, with friends like you.

I have divided the finishing process for this blanket into four segments. Steve and I created little videos to take you along with me through each step.

Very end of the warp.
Woven as far as possible, and then cut off. Careful planning is needed to be able to weave the header following the 25cm of warp that is kept empty for twisting the fringes.
  • The next video segment covers everything that happens before¬†wet finishing.
Woven wool blanket ready for wet finishing.
Woven blanket ready for wet finishing.

Please return next week to continue the Wool Blanket Finishing video series with me. The two remaining segments are about wet finishing and final finishing.

May you enjoy the thrill of completion.

Happy weaving,

4 thoughts on “Quiet Friday: Wool Blanket Finishing

  1. Love your videos and blog. Thank you for the effort. I look forward to getting your emails. You mentioned labels and I wonder if you could share your source. I have been looking for them and have yet to find a good source. Thanks

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