What the Label Tells You

I know details about these towels that most casual observers will never see. Every cloth starts with a plan; and, as the weaver, I am intricately involved in every aspect from start to finish. Labels on my handwoven articles identify me as the maker. When you see my label, you know that you can ask me anything about the weaving process for that item.

Finishing touch for handwoven towels.
Stitching the “Handwoven by” label on the towel is the final step in finishing this group of towels. 16/2 cotton, 3-shaft twill with warp floats.

On a grander scale, you and I have a maker. You don’t have to wonder if your maker knows you. He has known you from the beginning, planning the colors in the warp before it was on the loom, so to speak. You also don’t have to wonder if your maker hears you. Your prayers are heard. Even when no one else around you is listening, the Lord hears your prayer. Everything he has made, including you, bears his label. That makes you beautiful.

May you put your maker’s skills on display.


7 thoughts on “What the Label Tells You

  1. I only weave rag rugs on a 2 harness loom but I enjoy reading the way you compare weaving to the Lords work. Your projects are beutiful. Mary

    1. Hi Mary,
      Your words have brightened my day! Thank you for stepping in to share your thoughts. I love rag rugs woven on 2 harness looms! You have the best kind of weaving.

      Happy Weaving,

      1. Karen,
        These towels are stunning! What a treat to see your creativity and your amazing new skills in this world of weaving. Thank you for sharing your pictures and your heart.

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