Wool Double-Width Blankets Finished

The wool double-width blankets came out even better than I had hoped. It still seems magical to simply weave, and end up with cloth two times the woven width. What did I enjoy most about this project? First of all, the colors. It is so much fun to mess with colors. Secondly, the fringe. I love how the fringe turned out. Those chubby twists are my favorite part of the finished blankets. Knotted, or not. The first blanket has knotted fringe. Watch the Wool Blanket Final Finishing video below to see what happens with the fringe on the second blanket.

Finishing fringe on wool blanket. Video with more info.
Fringes on the first blanket are finished with knots before the excess is cut away.
Detail of fold of double-width blanket.
Detail of opened and finished fold on double-width blanket.
Finished wool double-width blanket. Karen Isenhower
Finished wool double-width blanket. Final finishing complete.

In this final episode in the Wool Blanket Finishing series, I show you how I brush the blanket and finish the fringe.

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May your work come back to you as rewards.


4 thoughts on “Wool Double-Width Blankets Finished

  1. I just found your video series on the double width blanket and can’t wait to start one of my own. Really intrigued by twisting the fringe on the loom! Yours blanket looks beautiful! I love the colors and your videos are so informative. Thanks for making and sharing them.

    1. Hi John,
      I appreciate hearing that you found the videos helpful! Thank you for letting me know. Best wishes in your blanket-making adventure!

      Happy Weaving,

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