Puckered Sample

Will these long floats do what I hope they will do? I have puckered scarves in mind. Soft 8/2 cotton in shades of green. We do not often know, really know, how things will turn out. With weaving, I can sample first. That little piece of trial and error is not wasted threads. It enables me to weave the remainder with confidence. Without a sample, especially with a new technique, or an untested idea, my hope for a good outcome is guesswork, with no real substance.

Sample of lace weave with warp floats - before washing and drying.
How will this sample behave through the washer and dryer? Will I get the results I’m after?
Sample for weaving a puckered scarf.
Yes, looks like a puckered scarf to me. It feels soft, too.

In some ways, my faith is like that sample. Faith is strength through storms; and I’m facing one of those storms today. I don’t know how things will turn out, but because of the One who has gone before me, my hope has substance. It’s as if my Lord has woven a sample for me to see, to trust in His care.

Wet finished sample compared with lace weave scarf on the loom.
Sample piece gives a preview of what the end result will be like. The cloth on the loom looks and feels rigid and unbending, but the finished sample cloth reveals a surprising texture that has the feel of movement and freedom.

My soul is preserved through faith, taking me to the front line in the battle, with courage. And so, I continue weaving with hope, having an imperfect glimpse of what the finished fabric will be.

May you see hope as you weather the storms.

With faith,

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  1. Karen; thought you might like this:

    Loss makes artists of us all as we weave new patterns in the fabric of our lives.
    Greta W. Crosby

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