Practice Weaving Like a Musician

As a classically trained musician, I tend to approach my time at the loom as practice. This means being mentally alert–for every little gesture, the synchronization of movements, and the quality being produced. Little by little, with this mindfulness, I see improvement in releasing and catching the shuttle, treading my feet on the treadles, and efficiency of movement overall. I still struggle with getting an even beat and with keeping my place in the treadling pattern. My pace of weaving is increasing, though.

Hemstitching at the beginning of another cotton scarf.
Hemstitching begins another cotton lace scarf. The ease of weaving with only one shuttle allows ample opportunity to focus on improvement of weaving technique.

Will I ever reach perfection in these skills? I don’t think so. I have come a long way, but have you noticed that learning never ends? My practice won’t make me perfect, but it does provide a way for me to grow as a weaver.

Faith is more than a belief, it is a practice. Faith in Jesus is always the entrance door into the Kingdom of heaven. And don’t think of heaven simply as a destination. Think of heaven as a Kingdom where everything is right. The day will come when that Kingdom is no longer a mystery. In the meantime, let’s practice weaving worthwhile cloth.

May you practice what you believe.

With you,

2 thoughts on “Practice Weaving Like a Musician

  1. Karen, so happy to connect with you through your inspiring blog. So many qualities you describe concerning the draw to fibers are also emotional to me. My memories of childhood pot holder looms and fascination with yarn braided dolls has stayed with me through adulthood and my weaving journey is long and marked with starts and stops during my teaching career. Now that we’re retired and living rurally in New England I finally have a four shaft floor loom and have begun my journey. I too find joy in my sunny studio. Enjoying your posts new and old. Sue

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