Little Woven Houses

There is something warmly appealing about a little brick house with a pitched roof and a red front door. A house, treated properly, after all, is a home. With this month’s tapestry diary I am attempting simple little houses, one at a time. These whimsical dwellings could remind you of houses you’ve known, but my houses are made of wool

Start of small house small tapestry.
Tapestry diary for this month starts with a little house.

This first little tapestry home has a closed door. The sett is not fine enough for detail that could show an open door, but wouldn’t it be interesting to see what’s behind the front door of the tiny house? For most of us, there are at least a few things that we prefer to keep behind closed doors. We have embarrassing and disorderly things that we would rather not reveal.

Red door on a little brick house.
Red door on a brick house. What is going on inside?

Think of your heart as a house. Our words reveal what we keep behind closed doors. Most of the time we don’t mean for the words to escape, but they always do. The tongue delivers what is in the heart. The remedy is to keep the heart in order. And then we won’t mind opening the door.

May your house be a home.

With heart,

4 thoughts on “Little Woven Houses

    1. Nancy, the tapestry diary idea is one I am borrowing from other tapestry weavers. The main idea for me is to weave a little bit of tapestry every day. Two accomplished tapestry weavers that I admire have amazing tapestry diaries – Tommye Scanlin and Janette Meetze.


  1. do you know about “Cartoons” and inking the warp for a taestry picture? It helps a lot. can’t wait to see the houses finished. LPJ, linda

    1. Hi Linda,

      I have used cartoons a few times when I have done pictorial images. I am inking the warp for the little houses on this tapestry. It does really help!


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