Put on a New Warp as Soon as Possible

Close the year by getting a jumpstart on the next one. I have a new warp ready for the drawloom. I want to keep that drawloom in motion. If there is too much time between projects, warping this fascinating loom is a little more daunting.

Warp chains are ready for dressing the drawloom in the new year!
Steve is making this “Warped for Good” placard for me. It is not finished yet. I’ll tell more about it when I start using it in the new year.

Starting a new warp as often as possible is the best way to build confidence. I’m looking forward to a fun project. I’ll share more when I start dressing the loom…

May your endings and beginnings overlap.

Happy ending of the year,

16 thoughts on “Put on a New Warp as Soon as Possible

  1. Thank you so much for a lot of joyduring the year! I am looking foreward to new ideas and joy in the new year❤
    Happy new year!
    From Inga Trine, both warped and twisted!

  2. You are so correct on continuing to warp your loom. If I leave too much time between projects on my 4 shaft I tend to forget things. Very good advice. Wishing much weaving happiness in 2023!

  3. Your posts are my favorite part of the week. This one is just the push and inspiration that I need right now! Indeed, there has been a lapse between warps and today is the day to wind! Thank you Karen!

    1. Hi Lindy, Aw, you make me smile. I’m excited for you – winding a new warp is always invigorating!

      Happy weaving in a Happy New Year!

  4. Very best wishes for a healthy and Happy New Year. I always look forward to reading what you have been doing on your looms.

  5. Part 2:
    Today was my last pt for my new titanium knee. Now I’m on my own to exercise back to “normal”.

    Before I left, I requested instructions to get up from the floor. Somewhere foreign to me since mid October. My preschool grandchildren visiting this weekend was my stated reason for wanting to visit the floor.

    Yeah, part of the reason.

    The main reason my jack rug loom has just enough warp for one more rag rug. I need to be able to do what it takes to re-warp .

    I did a practice floor rise. …. yeah. Weaving is in my future.

    Kind regards

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