April Spools Day

All my spools are quills, mostly pre-made cardboard, with a couple of rolled-brown-paper exceptions. I keep a few sizes of quills ready, sorted in little mugs inside a basket. The basket sits on a shelf under the table that holds my bobbin-winder, so I simply reach down and grab the size quill I need at the moment.

One of the mugs says Glimåkra (from Joanne Hall, my Glimåkra friend), another mug is a handle-less one I picked up at Ikea years ago that looks like a little flower pot, one is a baby’s pewter cup (when does a baby use a pewter cup?), but the mug I like best is my husband’s childhood milkglass cup with red two-block twill design (at least that’s what I’m calling it), and a blue “S” for Steve.

This fun idea of weavers sharing pictures of their spools is from Meg over at Unravelling. Thanks, Meg!

Last towel on the warp. Emptying as many quills as possible.
I like to use up as much thread as possible as I finish a project. The final towel on this warp has horizontal stripes of varying widths as I empty as many quills as I can.
Basket with mugs keep quills organized.
Several sizes of quills ready to be used. I like being able to tell at a glance if I am running short of any size.
There are always a few quills with thread/yarn left from various projects.
Quills with thread/yarn left from various projects. Do you see the two-block twill on the “Steve” cup?
Everything in place for winding quills.
Everything in place for winding a quill.

May your springtime be memorable with happy surprises.

Happy April Spools Day,