We All Start Somewhere

Can you see the curtains yet? I see them in my mind’s eye as I measure the length of the warp ends. Two ends at a time, from their tubes, through my fingers, and to the warping reel, which I spin ’round and ’round to measure eight yards. Planned in my mind and on paper, this is where the curtains start to become reality.

Egyptian cotton handwoven curtains
Two tubes 20/2 Egyptian cotton on the left, and two tubes 8/2 Egyptian cotton on the right. The heavier weight 8/2 cotton is being doubled, which will create a defined outline every couple inches in the woven fabric.

There comes a point in any endeavor when you have to get past the thinking and planning stage to move into action. Taking the first step feels uneasy, like a step of faith into the unknown future.

What is the starting point for faith? Consider this: From microscopic algae to planets in our solar system, everything is crafted with mind-boggling precision, much more so than my simple cloth. Certainly, there must be a mastermind behind it all. Just picture the outstretched arms and immense power that set everything into motion. Nothing is too difficult for such a mastermind! Grab hold of that thought to awaken faith in God. This starting point for faith is a step into a deep sense of wonder.

May your thinking and planning bring you to a satisfying starting point.

Step by step,

2 thoughts on “We All Start Somewhere

  1. Thank you, Karen! I so much appreciate what you write, it really helps me get past the thinking and planning stage in my life.

    And I can’t wait to se the curtains.

    1. Moving past the thinking and planning is sometimes as simple as a decision, but often it means not knowing all the answers before we start — and being okay with that.
      It is fun to have someone to share the weaving journey with! We can watch the curtains develop together.

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