You Were Made For This, Little Loom

Remember that cute little GlimÄkra Ideal loom? The one we re-sized so I could use it as a workshop loom? You can read about it here. Well, it is time to take the show on the road, so to speak. Time to go meet Jason Collingwood in his basic rug weaving workshop.

Rag rugs, ready to be hemmed.
Two new rugs, ready to be hemmed.

I wove like crazy to finish off another rag rug warp, yielding two more rag rugs. That gave me one more opportunity to practice taking everything apart (with a warp on the loom) and putting it back together again, before dressing the loom with the workshop warp. Done! And not a moment too soon. Whew!

Travel-ready Glimakra Ideal loom.
Side pieces flat on the bottom; with beams, loom parts, and tools organized into bags. Ready to go!

Okay, little loom, let’s go!

May you find fun in your week.

On the road,