Being Woven for Life

This little tapestry is a simple representation of a silver-haired lady wearing a pink blouse and turquoise-rimmed glasses. Hmm…, could be me!┬áThe imperfections in the weaving might also represent my own shortcomings. The good news is that there is more to life than my physical existence. (Click here to see the beginning of this little tapestry weaving.)

Little Lady miniature tapestry.
One-inch-wide self-portrait tapestry. Cotton seine twine for warp, embroidery floss for weft.

By taking care of our physical bodies, we promote health and well-being; and we gain necessary strength to face what comes. In the same way, I want to take care of my inner person. Taking in nourishment for my soul, exercising my faith, and finding the creator’s rest. That’s life.

May you get the most out of life.

Being woven,

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