Thanks Giving

Loved ones are filling my home this week, so why not include them in weaving endeavors? My son Daniel took the challenge to create a Thanksgiving image on graph paper that I could weave in Bound Rosepath. A turkey pilgrim!

Bound Rosepath turkey pilgrims with black hats.
Five shuttles carry the colors of Brage wool yarn for this bound rosepath weave on a 16/3 linen warp. Look at the orange to see the turkey pilgrims with black hats.

Give thanks. Pilgrims, turkeys, families, generations of freedom. The American story handed down through the ages.

  • Give thanks for the food.
  • Give thanks for the blessings.
  • Give thanks for your family coming together from near and far.
  • Give thanks to your family.
  • Give thanks to your friends.

But above all, oh, give thanks to our creator, for he is good; for his love goes on and on and on without end.

May your thankful heart ring with joy.


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