Bound Rosepath – More Yarn and Time, Please!

I still had patterns I wanted to try in bound rosepath; but, alas, there is no more Brage wool yarn in my hands. I ran out of weft before I ran out of warp! With five colors of this wool weft, it seemed like the variations on this rosepath threading were limitless. Imagine how it would be if you had two or three times that many colors to work with! You might never find an end to all the design options!

Bound rosepath just off the loom. Karen Isenhower
Brage wool in five colors covers the surface in this weft-faced weave structure, bound rosepath.

I was not ready to stop playing with this interesting weave structure, exploring the possibilites. Indeed, I had several more ideas lined up. If I had all the yarn in the world, I would need all the time in the world, too, because the discovery process is so intriguing. But eventually, I would run out of ideas.

We have heard that God is worthy of unceasing praise. Perhaps that is because there is no end to his love and goodness; and the riches of his mercy and grace are infinite. Maybe there are so many exquisite facets to learn about our creator that it will take eternity to discover them all. We might as well start now.

May you enjoy the intrigue of exploration and discovery.

Weaving onward,

17 thoughts on “Bound Rosepath – More Yarn and Time, Please!

  1. Karen
    Your boundweave is pretty amazing. I have a good friend trained in weaving in
    Norway who has tried to teach me boundweave. That’s when I first suspected
    I had a late onset learning disability (lol)! I am awed by your rugs!

    1. Judith, you are so kind!

      It takes a little while to get the hang of bound rosepath. I think it uses hidden parts of the brain. Ha ha. After a while, I was able to just weave without thinking so hard. This was so much fun!

      Happy weaving!

  2. So, so beautiful. I hope you can rebuild your stash and get back to this structure.
    Have you decided what you are going to do with it yet?

    1. Thank you, Laurie. So sweet of you to say that! I certainly do want to play with this structure again.

      Truthfully, I have not decided what to do with it. I could use it for a wall-hanging, but I would much prefer finding a functional use. It would be perfect as a cover for a quaint little bench, but I don’t happen to have a bench just that size. …maybe I could get my husband to make one?…

      I welcome suggestions!

  3. Your bound rosepath weaving is beautiful. I am very interested in doing such weaving as this. My grandmother and grandfather are from Norway and great grandfather from Sweden. I love those patterns. I have been weaving krokbragd with some success. But this bound rosepath has many more pattern possibilities. I only have a 4 harness floor loom. Can it be done with this? Good weaving to you.

    1. Hi Mel, Thank you for the kind compliment! You have a wonderful family heritage – there are so many fantastic Norwegian and Swedish handweaving traditions.

      Yes, this decorative bound rosepath has many pattern possibilities, which makes it very interesting to weave. Surprisingly, you only need 4 shafts (harnesses) to weave this, and 6 treadles (2 treadles for plain weave).

      I used the draft from “The Big Book of Weaving,” by Laila Lundell, p. 122.

      I have not done krokbragd, but I like the look of it very much. I will have to try krokbragd, too.

      Good weaving to you, too.

  4. Hi Karen
    I just found your blog and I love the way you relate your weaving to life and God. And I love your weaving. So far, I especially like the Rosepath. What have you used for the warp?? What is the pattern thread?? And did you just make up your mind as you went along what colour you would use or did you have a plan?? Was it your plan or is it in a book somewhere??? (You might have guessed I am a new weaver and so full of questions. I am just warping my 4 shaft floor look now with a nice long cottolin warp in rosepath, sett is 20epi. Planning to use the same thread as the tabby and then for some pieces I will use double Cottolin and for other fingering weight wool… what do you think??? But I am so impressed with all your colour choices. It looks like Fair Isle knitting.)

    1. Hi Jenni, I’m so glad you found this little corner of the weaving world! Welcome!
      The bound rosepath draft for this project came from The Big Book of Weaving, by Laila Lundell, p.122. The warp is 16/3 linen, and the pattern thread is Brage wool yarn, 3,400 m/kg. I followed the draft in the book, but I did make up the pattern as I went along, using colors I selected. Bound rosepath is completely weft-faced, meaning the warp is covered entirely. It takes four passes of weft for each row in the weaving. This is slow weaving, but I found it thoroughly enjoyable!
      You can’t go wrong with a cottolin warp! Sounds like you are set up for some fun and interesting weaving. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You will discover what works and what doesn’t, so keep good notes.

      Thank you for leaving your thoughts and questions!
      Happy Weaving,

  5. I love this piece so much. I read it was from The Big Book of Weaving and was able to pick it up. boundweaving and rosepath are new to me. I just finished a rosepath sampler but there is so little information out there for either. I’m particularly curious what weight yarns to use to make this into a small sturdy rug. I know that the wefts should be heavier then the warp. I also haven’t found great info on weaving weft faced rugs. What I want to make is bound rosepath rug (a small one). Do you have any suggestions? When I wove my rosepath sampler it was not particualrly weft faced. I did 8/2 cotton 24 epi and used 8/2 for plain weave and finger to sock weight yarn for pattern weft. Also, with the plain weave bacvkground all of the designs were elongated. I tried to weave without tabby background and since I had floating selvedges, it actually looked better and more like the draft pics. I guess I’m curious what you would suggest as warp and weft yarn weights for a bound rosepath rug?

    1. Hi Juli, Bound rosepath is such an interesting weave structure. Honestly, I don’t have experience weaving bound rosepath in rug weight, so I don’t have a good answer for you on that. What I might suggest is for you to try weaving a small piece following the instructions and draft in the Big Book of Weaving. Then extrapolate from that experience and do some samples of different weights of yarn that might work for a weft-faced rug. Sounds like a fun exploration!

      Happy weaving,

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