Have enough Colors of Yarn?

I don’t want to tell you how many different colors I have of wool yarn. Most of it is 6/2 Tuna and 6/1 Fårö, but I have a good collection of other wool yarns, too. If it’s wool, I include it in my tapestry weaving. I have all of it arranged according to a 5-step value scale.

Yarn butterfly is equivalent to about 4 strands of 6/2 Tuna. I’m composing a color in the medium-dark value range.

If I combine the colors of wool just right, I can make the exact color I need for a tapestry detail. This is the challenge on which I thrive. There are never enough colors. Or, so it seems. The truth is, I have more than enough color options. Besides, for tapestry, the exact hue of a color is not nearly as important as the value of a color in relation to the colors around it.

Tapestry in progress. I carefully select yarns, mostly according to color value.
The cart beside the loom holds all the possible colors I may need for this Figs and Coffee small tapestry. I stop frequently to evaluate the colors and the value contrasts in the weaving.

The Most High God, Creator of heaven and earth, Creator of color, makes himself known. Take a look outside. Everywhere we look there is more color than we know how to express. So, in our humble attempts to make yarn butterflies in exact colors, we are showing that we are indeed made in our Creator’s image.

May you see all the color around you.

Your friend,

6 thoughts on “Have enough Colors of Yarn?

  1. Dearest! What you create…always a thing of beauty. The heart messages shared…more valuable than gems. When we could no longer be missionaries to Ethiopia and Cambodia, I/we knew we would truly miss and long to be with the orphans. In time, God showed us His use for us…right here at home. And, you…dearest….a missionary faithful…right on your home turf. I do love you so….

  2. Blessed with sister Remy for my second class in college, Design. Her request was that we observed the colors of the tree trunks. It was early September, 10 miles from the west coast of lake Michigan. Every riotous color of the rainbow was beginning to bless us from the leaves.

    She had us observe closer, the indescribable colors of the bark. The detail, that a few seconds before was perceived as brown.

    God doesn’t miss a detail.

    I hope all enjoyed the January thaw.

  3. Thanks Karen for addressing the importance of value. Often it is the light and dark that creates the image and the colors are the extra beautiful detail one sees close up. Thanks again.

    1. Hi Joanne, the more I do this, the more I appreciate the importance of color value for an image. Your words express it perfectly! “and the colors are the extra beautiful detail one sees close up.”

      Thank you,

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