Wishes Do Come True

You have to know what you want before you start. When a handweaver threads the warp, she is deciding in advance what kind of cloth she wants to weave. Your true intentions, like a threaded warp, are revealed in the fabric of your life.

Warp ends at rest behind the reed.
Warp ends at rest behind the reed. Every warp end is carried in the eye of a heddle, which sinks or rises with its shaft (pair of upper and lower shaft bars).

Did you know that your deepest wish shapes your life? When my foot presses a treadle on this GlimĂ„kra countermarch loom, shafts sink and rise, carrying their heddled threads to their proper position for interlacing with the shuttled weft. That’s a fancy way of saying that the way the warp ends were threaded behind the reed becomes evident in the woven cloth in front of the reed.

When our whole-heart desire is to walk as our heavenly king walks, his love is activated in us, and is expressed toward each other. This deep wish to follow his ways forms the intentional threading pattern that makes stunning fabric possible.

(This is still the cotton warp for the rya knots project. HERE is where I threaded these heddles, and HERE is how the rya knots look.)

May your deepest wish come true!

As always,

2 thoughts on “Wishes Do Come True

  1. Oh my goodness, Karen. Beautiful words… this will be in my mind with every throw of the shuttle forever more.

    We missed you at the guild meeting last night. You would have LOVED the program by Deb Harrison. It was so inspirational. It took me ages to get to sleep last night as I wanted to be up in my studio designing…

    Hope to see you soon.

  2. You are so encouraging, Gretchen! It makes me happy to hear that the thoughts on my heart mean something to you, friend.

    It sounds like it was a wonderful program. It’s wonderful to be inspired by fellow artists!


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