Best Kind of Music You Have Ever Seen

Do you have a melody? Being a musician at heart, it’s fun to think of my weaving loom as a musical instrument. This is an instrument that produces fabric instead of harmonies. Throwing a shuttle takes practiced precision, as does gliding my bow across the strings of my ‘cello. When I step on treadles to change sheds on the loom, I imagine myself on the bench of a majestic pipe organ, playing the low notes with my feet. Every pass of the shuttle brings the formation of a melody in color and pattern. Rosepath is the prettiest melody of all. And rhythm, of course, is felt and heard as I play the loom instrument.

Rosepath rag rug on the loom.
Rosepath rag rugs on the loom. Doing my favorite thing again.

I make textural melodies on my weaving loom. I am certain my maker takes note of the music I make here. Whatever you do with a thankful heart becomes a song. And that song is your gift to your maker. When you turn what you do into an instrument of praise you experience the smile of God.

I have a melody, and I have a Melody, whose birthday is today, and whose wedding is eleven days away. Maybe she needs a new rug as a housewarming gift…

May you sing your melody out loud.

With a thankful heart,

5 thoughts on “Best Kind of Music You Have Ever Seen

  1. How ironic!! Someone just posted a picture of their new loom on one of the Facebook weaving pages last week, and I commented that it looked like an organ! I said that instead of making music with the pedals, we make art with the treadles!

  2. Hi Karen, I love the rose path in this rug! I’m trying to figure this out myself so I was wondering if you have any suggestions for a beginner rose path gal. Any patterns or books that would help? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Maddie, How exciting for you to start weaving a rosepath rug! My first rosepath rag rug (and still my favorite) was from “Favorite Rag Rugs 45 Inspiring Weave Designs” by Tina Ignell. It has beautiful designs, with clear instructions in English. The rug in this post is based on one of the drafts in this book.
      Let me know if you have any questions as you go along.

      Happy Weaving,

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