Count the Last Time Around

Counting down the days. Trying to reign in emotions as memories flood my mind of my little girl growing up. And resisting mild panic as I see loose ends dangling in wedding preparations. When I measure a warp, it is essential to accurately measure how many threads have accumulated around the warping reel. I keep track with a simple counting string. Measuring days is not that straightforward. Days pass by too quickly and too slowly at the same time.

Looking down at the counting string, measuring warp on the warping reel.
Looking down at the counting string that sections off every twenty threads. The counting string makes it easy to double-check the number of warp ends that are wound on the warping reel. This is the 12/6 cotton warp for the new rosepath rag rugs.

May your days be lengthened and/or shortened, as needed.

With sweet anticipation,

4 thoughts on “Count the Last Time Around

  1. Thanks for the interesting view of counting time, like we count strings on the warping reel.

    Your reflections on time past and future, as you live in the now, come through your words.

  2. I feel that you must be sending her into this new phase of her life with many wise words and loving, firm guidance. She is a very lucky young woman, I am sure, and as bittersweet as this time must be, I say, well done, mom – well done.

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