Right Now Is the Best Time

What do you do with a blank slate? Do you feel empowered or immobilized? It is easy to get stuck in over-planning instead of jumping right in and doing something. I am facing a blank slate now with the rya weaving. I finished the first two rya pieces on this warp (the first one HERE; the second one HERE), and now I have time to think about the color and design for the third piece. I have a good assortment of wool yarns to choose from, about twenty-five different colors.

Rosepath weaving on the loom. Glimpse of rya knots on the way to the cloth beam.
First rya section is seen wrapping around the cloth beam, and the second piece is on its way there, with bits of the red wool strands seen hanging down. Now ready to begin the third set of rya knots.

Sometimes all the options overwhelm me and I freeze, doing nothing instead of doing something. I can think about the next steps all day long, but until I act on the ideas nothing happens.

Opportunities come and go. If we are immobilized because we fear making a mistake, we miss the chance to make a difference in the moment. Your best opportunity is right now! Whatever you have in front of you…whatever you know to do…no matter how small or seemingly insignificant…do it. Do the next thing now. And if you don’t care for how it comes out, …there’s always next time!

May you find yourself moving forward with gusto.

Happy Weaving,

2 thoughts on “Right Now Is the Best Time

  1. Sometimes, when I am overwhelmed by too many chioces, I will put a project aside and do something else. Not another project, but another activity that is engaging. When I go back to the project a choice will “feel” right. It’s kind of like the decision to “sleep on it.”

    1. Betsy, that is fantastic advice! I like it because it is not advocating avoidance, but it is giving the grace to let your mind think about it in the background. I know exactly what you’re talking about because I’ve experienced it, too. Now I can use that as an intentional strategy.


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