Little Goes a Long Way

Compared to other weaving shuttles, this band loom shuttle is tiny. But it is just the right size for weaving a narrow band. My left hand moves the shuttle through the changing sheds, finding a rhythmic fluency. Once started, the weft takes on a life of its own as it repeatedly turns and goes back into an open shed. It almost seems as if my left hand is merely following the shuttle. Likewise, kindness takes on a life of its own after someone starts it.

Glimakra two-treadle band loom weaving.
My feet operate the two treadles on this Glimäkra band loom. My left hand carries the shuttle; and my right hand uses a band knife to beat in the weft. When all the movements are synchronized, I find myself making swift progress.

Consistency is the key to successful band weaving. Warp tension matters, as well as how often you advance the warp; however, consistency in the weft makes the biggest difference. My best results come when I weave several inches without stopping. The momentum itself brings consistency of weft placement.

Kindness repeats itself. There is a certain momentum that occurs. When we experience someone’s kindness toward us, we often turn and pass kindness along to someone else. And especially, if we have tasted the Lord’s kindness, we keep the momentum going by fervently loving each other. A little bit of kindness, repeated over and over makes a useful and lovely ribbon in the sea of humanity, a woven band with endless possibilities.

May you pass along a little kindness today.

Yours truly,