My Wide Little Warp

I wanted to make a video for you, showing how I weave on the band loom. Unfortunately, I put on a wider warp than usual. My small hands can barely weave this wider band, putting me to the test. It is slow and sloppy as I struggle to make progress. Finally, though, the end is in sight! So much for pointing out common errors in band weaving. Ha.

Glimakra band loom weaving, using 12/6 cotton rug warp.
Band loom shuttle is carried through the warp with the left hand, and the right hand uses a tool, called a band knife, to beat in the weft. 1 3/4 inches / 5.5 cm is just wide enough that sending the shuttle through with one (small) hand is pretty tricky.

My difficulty in weaving this will show up in the finished piece. The main problem is lack of consistency. Some stretches are embarrassingly uneven and may not be usable. If I want to show someone else how to weave a wider band, I need to work on my own technique. I better get it right before I try to demo this for anyone else.

It is a virtue to correct your own mistakes before pointing out the faults of others. How easy it is to notice someone else’s “blind spot.” I wonder if sometimes we are seeing our own flaw, but we don’t recognize it until we see it on someone else. The next time I am tempted to highlight someone else’s mistake, I want to remember what it took to weave this band, errors and all.

May you always give, and receive, the benefit of the doubt.

P.S. I do have another video in the making. I’ll show you next week.
P.P.S. I will do a video on band weaving. Eventually.


6 thoughts on “My Wide Little Warp

  1. Karen: bands of any width can be woven on a regular floor loom. Then you can use beater bar. Or try turning your band loom so your sitting not on the side, but head on to the warp with weft perpendicular, then you can use a bigger shuttle and it becomes easy. Clamp the band loom to a table with a Jorgensen wood clamp from your husband’s shop if it moves too much. If you use both hands for the weaving (throwing the shuttle) then picking up the “beater” it may not be the way you learned, but necessity is the mother of invention of creativity, and isn’t that why “the master weaver “gave us the power to go beyond what we learn and make it better? These bands are great on purchased fleeces, around the collars and down the front, really dresses them up. linda

    1. Hi Linda, You make some really good observations.

      I have only woven a narrow band on my floor loom one time. I’m definitely going to consider that next time I need a little wider band.
      I would like to be able to turn the band loom, and weave from the end, but that puts me out of reach of the two treadles. There might be a way to rig something to work around that, though. As you say, necessity is the mother of invention… hmm… I’ll have to work on that.

      I like your point that “the master weaver” has given us the ability to take what we learn and make it better. We can always grow in knowledge and understanding. Creativity and problem solving is a major part of that.

      Thanks for your input,

  2. Hi Karen,
    I just posted a photo of my band loom on my Pinterest Board ‘Band Weaving’ that shows the treadle in an end-on position. I’m sure it could be an easy and reversible modification to your Glimåkra.
    And thanks for the tips for neat color changes and turns on rag rugs.

    1. Joanna, that’s awesome! I haven’t seen a band loom set up like that before. Yes, that certainly is something I could do with my Glimåkra. Super!!
      Here’s a link to your band loom pin in case anyone else is interested in seeing it.

      I’m so grateful for the help from my blog friends. Thanks Linda and Joanna.


  3. Karen: have your husband move the Left pedal to the right side, lengthen the pedals so the heddle attatchment end is directly under the heddles. shorten the cord between the heddles and the pedals. now you should be able to sit at the front of the loom. linda

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