Weaving in the Comfort Zone

I like the comfortable feeling of weaving familiar things. Especially rag rugs and narrow bands. I also like to push my limits, doing projects that have new things for me to learn. The problem is, sometimes I am afraid of getting in over my head.

Linen singles for a woven band.
Loose warp chain with eight yards (7.3 m) of 16/1 linen for a narrow band.
Threading band loom.
Threading the band loom, with the threading sequence taped to the wall.
Glimakra band loom threaded with 16/1 linen for narrow band.
Linen threads show their personality.

If I’m not careful, I let the fear of failure keep me from trying. Decisions get put on hold. The big loom waits empty. Meanwhile, I stay in my comfortable zone. This new narrow linen band is that comfortable place for me. There is nothing wrong with enjoying this familiarity, letting the band practically weave itself. But at some point, I will have to step out of the boat, so to speak, and attempt the “impossible” things.

Linen band weaving on Glimakra two-treadle band loom.
Is there anything better than linen for band weaving? This is pleasure weaving. Glimåkra two-treadle band loom.

It has been told that Jesus walked on water. As the account goes, when Peter saw Jesus walk on water, he believed that Jesus could enable him to do the impossible, too. It’s not easy to walk on water. Just ask Peter; he faltered after just a few steps. But he tried! When we face insurmountable challenges, after sitting comfortably for a while, we need to try taking a few steps out on the water. Like Peter experienced, the hand of Jesus will be right there when we falter.

May you have courage to step into your next challenge.

Happy weaving,

2 thoughts on “Weaving in the Comfort Zone

  1. Karen: go for it! it’s just thread. if you don’t like it when it’s done cut it up and make pot holders and dish towels. At some time someone had to be the first to try a new “weave”; if you don’t try…. it will always be that big WHAT IF. Try it on a sample loom first, then you’ll be able to see how it works and where you can change it to make it work for you. I have a friend who NEVER does anything by the seat of her pants. She always has to have instructions or someone show her how to do it the CORRECT way. I always think how boring and uneventful her life must be. Reaching beyond what we know, trying new things, BEING BRAVE, makes us richer and able to give more to others……so GO FOR IT!!!!!, linda

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