Quiet Friday: Small Tapestry Bridge

The unfinished small tapestry went in my travel bag this week. Travel tapestry is perfect for those waiting times at the airport; and gives me something interesting to do in flight. Best of all, while visiting my mom, she and I sat side-by-side one afternoon “doing art.” Mom used Staedtler coloring pencils to color detailed flower designs in a fancy coloring book; and I used Fårö wool to weave colors in the tapestry. What a sweet setting in which to finish this tapestry bridge!

Planning small tapestry.

Under the cartoon of small tapestry.

Beginning of small tapestry.

Tapestry while traveling.

Bridge takes shape in small tapestry.

Small tapestry - weaving from the back.

Weaving from the back. Small Tapestry.

Progress on small tapestry Bridge scene.

Small tapestry - Bridge scene, nearing completion.

Building a bridge. Small tapestry.

Small tapestry - bridge nearing completion.

Small tapestry Bridge, finishing touches.

Bridge small tapestry.

May all your travels be pleasant.

Happy weaving,

10 thoughts on “Quiet Friday: Small Tapestry Bridge

    1. Hi Ruth, Thank you for saying so! It’s true, memories are woven into the things we make with our hands.

      All the best,

  1. Beautiful Karen, and what a great time with your Mom! I hope she is well.
    Thank you for all the effort you go to share your work with us. I really appreciate it.

    1. Hi Liberty,
      It’s my real pleasure to share what I’m doing. And even greater joy to have people like you who want to see it!
      My mom is doing very well, thank you! She and I had a wonderful time together on my visit.
      Fond regards,

  2. what a beautiful piece of art. I really love this one and all the others. And no stretcher !!! LPJ, linda
    PS the shading is really good and the arch is perfect. Want to go for your Masters? I have the requirements.

    1. Linda, Your kind words mean so much to me, especially knowing your experience in these things! Masters? My goodness, I am a loooonnnng way from that possibility. 🙂 But I appreciate the thought. You made me smile.

      your friend,

  3. What kind of loom is this? I have heard about the Mirrix loom but it’s kinda spendy if I try tapestry weaving and don’t like it.

    1. Hi, Randi,
      This loom is handmade. My husband made it for me. GlimakraUSA.com has a loom that is similar to mine, called the Freja tapestry frame, that comes in two sizes. I have a Freja in the smaller size and like it a lot.


  4. I love your tapestry. The level of detail you manage to put into your smaller works really amazes me.

    Can I ask where you got the plastic warp comb/pegs piece on your loom from? The original travel tapestry frame used brads and this looks like a much better solution.

    1. Hi Lenora,
      Thank you for mentioning the detail. That is something I am constantly working on improving.

      My husband ordered a certain kind of polyethylene sheet for the comb, and cut the grooves individually with an electric band saw. He wrote out the specifics. I am sending it to your email address.

      You are right, this is an improvement to the brads set up.


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