What Rag Rugs Should Be

My goal for every rag rug I weave is to make a pleasant footpath that lasts through many, many seasons of wear. What makes an exceptional rag rug? Quality of workmanship and design. Tightly-packed weft, snug selvedges, and high quality materials produce a strong rug. And, great design includes an interplay of weave structure, color, detail elements, and functionality.

Tightly-packed weft in a double binding rag rug.
Tightly-packed weft in a double binding rag rug gives no hint of the opposite colors that show on the reverse side.
Double binding rag rug on the loom.
Double binding uses a two-block threading that determines where color changes can occur in the weft pattern.
Double binding rag rug being woven with two ski shuttles.
Two ski shuttles are used for weaving the two layers of a double binding rag rug. Consistent tight selvedges contribute to a long-lasting rug.

Strength is like a quality handcrafted rug that handles daily foot traffic. And joy is like the artist’s design, the colorful pattern, that is woven into the rug. Strength and joy go hand in hand. We see this in creation. And in our Creator, who gives of himself to those who come near. Be refreshed with strength and joy.

May you be refreshed.

With you,

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    1. Hi Tobie,

      I’ll see if I can find a good way to post a draft for you. (It could be a few days, depending on when my daughter has her baby.) In the meantime, I mention some resources for double binding in my response to Maggie following the post My Favorite Thing to Weave.

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