Unrolling New Towels

The length of woven cloth unrolls and unrolls until you get all the way back to the front tie-on bar. The towels are 70% linen. Oh, how I wish you could touch this fabric! You would feel the crispness of a linen tea towel, with a little bit of cotton softness.

Cutting off! Plattväv linen towels.
Plattväv towels and one table square are unrolled from the loom. Last to come through are the warp end knots securely hugging the front tie-on bar.

It all comes back to the front tie-on bar. This is where the weaving begins. The warp ends must be secure at the beginning. No one wants the tie-on knots to slip as the woven fabric rounds the cloth beam. You want warp ends to be securely fastened, with no chance of losing their grip. Your cloth depends on it.

Plattväv towels waiting to be hemmed.
Plattväv towels, with 22/2 cottolin warp, and 16/1 linen weft. The towels have been washed, dried, and pressed. They are ready to be hemmed.

Think of yourself gripping onto hope. Think of the knots that hold tightly to the front tie-on bar. Hold tightly to hope, and don’t let go while the weaving progresses. Our hope is not some vague wish. Our hope is based on the redeeming work of Jesus Christ–God’s promise to be with us. God can be trusted to keep his promise. Don’t waver in your tight grip on this true hope. The fabric of your life depends on it.

May you be known for hope.


12 thoughts on “Unrolling New Towels

    1. Hi Cindie, I’m glad to hear that! They are a delight to weave, too. I especially love the linen weft–that’s takes them up a level, in my view.


  1. Absolutely love your towels, Karen. Indeed, I do wish I could touch them, but seeing them on and off-loom is a wonderful alternative that we have! I do, so much, appreciate your ‘weaving in the threads of our craft with the threads of our faith.’ You are so talented! Thank you

    1. Thanks for your very kind words, Debbie. What a beautiful statement – “weaving in the threads of our craft with the threads of our faith.” Aptly said.

      Thank you,

  2. I agree with Carol..and always enjoy the combination of weaving and faith. I end my reading here with a sense of peace. Thank you. And,
    Merry Christmas.

    1. How sweet of you, Karen, to chime in with such kind words. It makes me very happy to think of you being touched with peace.

      Merry Christmas to you,

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