Christmas Eve Is Here

This is the season to give thought to the wonder of life, to be grateful for unconditional love, and to recount the story of Christmas. Four years ago Steve began carving wooden figures for a Nativity scene. Every year, each of the five women in his life (daughter and daughters-in-law, his mother, and me) receive a new figure. The new Nativity figure this year is a king bearing gifts for the infant king.

Hand-carved Nativity from Spanish Cedar, backdrop of handwoven goose-eye throw.
Nativity carved from Spanish cedar, by Steve Isenhower. Seen on backdrop of handwoven alpaca throw, in goose-eye twill.

May your days be filled with peace.

Good Christmas Eve to you,

4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Is Here

  1. Those figures are so lovely. Wishing and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas holiday.

    A few moments ago, I stumbled upon your website via the Google search engine looking for weaving information. I’ll stay a while, bookmark and return. I’m new to weaving. I’m getting my toes wet with a rigid heddle loom, and plan to add a floor loom (looking at the Baby Wolf 8 Shaft) sometime next year.

    1. A wonderful Christmas to you and yours, Opal! I am so glad you stopped in.

      A rigid heddle loom is a great way to get your feet wet with weaving. I wove on my rigid heddle for nearly 30 years, never thinking I would some day have a “real loom.” But here I am with two floor looms now.
      I am a fan of countermarch looms because of the great variety of fabrics they can produce, from very light and airy curtains to heavy and sturdy rugs. Many people are happy with jack looms, though, like the Baby Wolf. Have fun in your research and exploration! You will find good information about selecting a loom on the Glimakra USA website:

      Stay in touch. I’d love to hear how it’s going on your weaving journey.

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