Christmas Weaving Promise

This is the third and final gift promise from last Christmas. A Cornflower and Willow 8/2 cotton warp will become a throw in wavy (undulating) twill for my daughter-in-law Lindsay. I am hopeful that I will be able to finish it before Christmas. As promised. (See Weaving a Gift.)

Winding a warp with pretty Willow and Cornflower 8/2 cotton.
Winding the warp on the warping reel. Willow and Cornflower 8/2 cotton.
Warping reel. 8/2 cotton warp.
Second of four bouts for this warp.
8/2 cotton warp chain. A pretty way to start a project!
Warp chains are such a pretty way to start a project.

May you make and keep good promises.

Happy weaving,

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