Just What I Need

Yay! Another Swedish-style rag rug completed. Oh, there is nothing like the satisfaction of completion and the pleasure of seeing finished work being used. I am almost out of floor space, though. The handwoven rugs are taking over all the floors in my house. How much is enough? How do you know when you have crossed the line into excess?

Handwoven rosepath rag rug for Christmas.
A few of my favorite things: Rosepath, rag rug, little red rocking chair, Christmas pinecone. The rug is 24.5 x 45.5 inches (62 x 116 cm).

Between the extremes of poverty and wealth there is a middle ground of having just enough. That is where I want to be. With riches, we are in danger of patting ourselves on the back and saying, Who needs God? With poverty, it is hard to see any way out; and some say, Where is God?

Rosepath Rag Rug detail
Characteristic rosepath design sets off the simple colors of the rug. Single black stripe outlines blue areas for depth.

Between lack and excess, there is a sweet spot of perfect trust in our creator. Hungry enough to want his food, and satisfied enough to have a grateful heart. Give me just what I need, please–no more, no less.

(I am pondering opening an Etsy shop to sell my handwoven goods. This rug would be one of the first items. Do you have experience with Etsy, as a seller or as a buyer? I’d love to hear about your experience, and any advice you have to offer.)

May you find your sweet spot.

Your friend,

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