You Can Start Over

New beginnings. Same warp, but a new rosepath rag rug. This one may be better than the last. We won’t know until the rugs are all unrolled from the cloth beam at the end. I varied the colors, the treadling, and the hems for the rugs on this warp. I wanted to start over with each new rug. A fresh start means a chance to make fewer mistakes, and it’s an opportunity to do something different.

Rosepath rag rug on the loom. Karen Isenhower
Fourth rosepath rug on this warp. The stripes are created by alternating two weft colors in plain weave. The rosepath strip is created by alternating two weft colors in a rosepath treadling pattern.

Are you getting a fresh start for this new year? A new start gives us the courage to break out of a rut, or to walk away from bad habits. Who doesn’t have unstoppable optimism with new resolutions? As we are pressed by time and real life, though, our hope and enthusiasm wear away much too soon. A successful new beginning requires a new outlook; otherwise, the discouragement is even greater when we find ourselves on the old familiar path that was leading nowhere.

Our grand weaver’s perspective transcends human time. He sees the end as clearly as the beginning. Thankfully, the new beginning that he offers brings us a hope-filled outlook that makes corrective change possible. He opens our eyes to see the threads he is faithfully weaving that bring our new beginnings into his story.

(Thank you for coming into my *virtual* weaving studio for a friendly chat. Warped for Good still feels like a new endeavor to me after these nine months of getting started. I deeply appreciate all the encouragement you have given me!)

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May your best accomplishments outlast you!

Happy Weaving,

2 thoughts on “You Can Start Over

  1. The rug is fantastic! I love following your blog and Pinterest boards. It’s fun to see the new things you come up with! It’s inspiring to me as a new weaver and blogger!

  2. Hi, Kristi,
    You just made my day! Thank you so much for the encouraging words.
    I just took a peek at your blog. Your knitting is beautiful, and your blog is fun to read. Keep up the great work!
    Happy Weaving to you,

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