Quiet Friday: Making Rya Knots

One at a time. Like anything else, you do get faster as you get the hang of it. I select and arrange the colors for the upcoming row, and then I settle into a rhythm. With my right foot pressing the treadle, I use both hands to manipulate both the raised warp ends and the loose wool strands. It is a relaxing and satisfying trek from the right-hand side of the warp to the left, one rya knot at a time.

I am letting the pictures speak for themselves. I forgot to take a picture of the completed rya knot pillow top square while it was still in view on top, so you get to crawl under the breast beam with me at the end to see it from underneath.

Ready for another row of rya knots.

Cardboard template for cutting rya strands. How-to pics.

Cut yarn for rya at both ends of template. More how-to pics.

Clothespin keeps cut yarn colors together for rya knots. More rya how-to pics.

Assortment of wool yarn separated for planning rya knots. How-to pics.

Mixing blue wool strands for rya knots. Pics with rya knots.

Rya first step - around 2 doubled warp ends.

Rya second step - Under and through.

Rya third step - Pull the "legs" down.

Rya fourth step - Pull the yarn evenly into place.

Rya fifth step - Snug it up to the fell line. Rya knots how-to pics.

Pillow top with rya knots, viewed from under loom, looking up. Karen Isenhower

May you enjoy taking your sweet time.

Little by little,

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